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Master HP FC UL
Power Range: 80 - 200 kVA

Three-phase voltage and frequency conversion for testing or operation of systems with European standards


• High efficiency
• IGBT-based rectifier technology
• Output voltage:400 V - 50Hz
• Galvanic isolation
• High overload capacity

The high levels of quality, reliability and energy savings offered by the Master HP range of UPS have been extended to include  frequency converter 480 V - 60 Hz input /400 V - 50 Hz output certified as UL,  with power ratings from 80 to 200 KVA. The typical application of such Frequency Converters is the power supply of the loads at 400 V , 50 Hz as for example imported from other countries.  The FC units can work with or without battery.

With its double conversion on-line technology based entirely on IGBT and digital signal processors (DSP), the Master HP FC UL range ensures maximum critical load protection, with VFI SS 111 classification (Voltage and Frequency Independent) in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3. This range is designed using a new configuration that includes an IGBT sinusoidal input rectifier.

Unique in its design, double conversion technology with galvanic isolated output guarantees a quality power supply that is completely protected from all electrical anomalies at the input.

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Master HP FC UL feature an output isolation transformer (delta zig/zag type) on the inverter as part of the inverter circuit inside the UPS cabinet, providing galvanic isolation between the load and the battery with improved versatility in system configuration:

  • Complete UPS output galvanic isolation for critical infrastructures from the battery DC power source;
  • No neutral input connection is required at the UPS rectifier input stage;
  • No effects to the UPS output performance or reduced impact of the inverter power components whilst supplying specific loads; in addition the inverter transformer minimizes the impact of third harmonic disturbances;
  • High inverter short circuit current to clear faults which occur between phase and neutral on load side (up to three times nominal current).

Output transformer housed within the cabinet which allows for a significant reduction in the footprint and provides space savings.


The Master HP FC UL series features the added advantages of the Zero Impact Source formula offered by an IGBT-based rectifier assembly. This eliminates problems connected with installation in networks with limited power capacity, where the FC is supplied by a generator set or anywhere there are compatibility problems with loads that generate current harmonics.
Master MHT UL series FC have zero impact on the power supply source, whether it is a mains grid or generator set:

  • Input current distortion < 3%
  • Input power factor 0.99
  • Power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start up
  • Start-up delay function, to restart the rectifiers when mains power is restored if there are several FC in the system.

This provides savings in installation costs via:

  • A smaller electrical infrastructure.
  • Smaller circuit protection devices
  • Less wiring.


  • Compact size: e.g.: only 1318 inch2 for the Master HP FC UL
  • Reduced weight for transformer based FC
  • Double load protection, both electronic and galvanic, towards the battery.

The entire Master HP FC UL range is suitable for use in a wide range of applications. Thanks to the flexibility of configuration, available options and accessories, it is suitable for supplying any type of load, e.g. capacitive loads such as blade servers, rather then motor drivers or any other critical vertical application. Power supply reliability and availability are ensured for critical applications by distributed parallel configurations of up to 8 units, for redundant (N+1) or power parallel configurations.


Master HP UL series FC have a front panel mounted graphic display providing FC information, measurements, status updates and alarms in different languages, with wave form displays including voltage/current and providing a kWh reading that can be used to measure IT loads and calculate a datacenter PUE (power usage effectiveness) ratio.



Master HP FC UL

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