The infrastructure used in the transport sector is increasingly technologically advanced and complex. However, it must also provide an exceptional level of resilience and reliability under all operating and environmental conditions. UPS and power continuity play a major role in guaranteeing continuity and excellence in the services provided.


Installation Flexibility

Every application in the transport infrastructure sector has its own particular specifications and associated reference standards.
It is therefore fundamental that the UPS are adaptable to different power sources (single-phase, three-phase, with or without neutral), and compatible with various remote control communication protocols, which should be complete, rapid and effective.


Global Strength

Once again the need to ensure service continuity requires high levels of compatibility with stringent mechanical standards (IP protection, vibrations, structural rigidity).
The use of air filters, isolated electrical connectors and special wiring is often required in order to fulfil general requirements, as well as fastening components
and systems that are highly resistant to mechanical stress. Riello UPS is able to offer tailor-made solutions that satisfy the requirements of special standards or particular operating conditions.



Operational continuity is strategic to the transport sector. Downtime with regards to power supply or monitoring/control information cannot be tolerated.
Continuity can be guaranteed by using high quality UPS that are versatile, technologically advanced and parallelable, which are able to operate under critical
environmental conditions (temperature, fluctuating power supplies, different types of load, etc.). Riello UPS with its range of transformer-less and transformer-based products is able to satisfy the most diverse and complex requirements to ensure operating continuity and serenity for users.


Application specific
Protection for critical missions
Adaptability to different environments
Flexibility of power supply
Robust power protection

  • Railway stations
  • Airports
  • Toll gates
  • Marinas

Metro, Antwerpen

Fréjus Tunnel

Airport München 

Metro New Delhi

Alenia Aeronautica SpA
Ansaldo Hitachi Signal, Napoli
Metro Milan
Metro Naples
Metro Rome
Metro Genoa
Malpensa Linate Airport

Metro Singapore

Metro Bucarest 

South Africa
Johannesbourgh Int. Airport

AENA, Madrid and Malaga
ADIF, High Speed Train AVE

Metro Taipei