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New Riello UPS Guard Tower 6 and 10 kVA / kW compliant with UL / CSA standard

21 Jul 09:47 AM
Riello UPS is proud to present Guard Tower for the power range 6-10 kVA / kW compliant with UL / CSA standards. The tower solution is equipped with an integrated output transformer, making it ideal for medical applications such as analysis laboratories, data processing centers, as well as other low-medium power industry applications. The high standard of engineering and output power factor 1 increase the system's efficiency and reduce energy losses, making Guard Tower...

Critical vulnerability TLStorm

24 Mar 10:59 AM
Subject: CVE-2022-22805 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS buffer overflow, CVE-2022-22806 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS authentication bypass, CVE-2022-0715 – (CVSS 8.9) Unsigned firmware upgrade that can be updated over the network (RCE).  CVE-2022-22805 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS buffer overflow: A memory corruption bug in packet reassembly (RCE).  CVE-2022-22806 – (CVSS 9.0) TLS authentication bypass: A state confusion in the TLS handshake leads to authentication bypass, leading...