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Riello UPS offers a range of 23 power product models of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), based on several different architectures. Thanks to its two Italian research centers in Legnago and Cormano, world-class examples of excellence for the design, development and testing of uninterruptible power supplies, Riello UPS can constantly innovate its product portfolio, enabling the company to lead in terms of technology and reliability.  Riello UPS often provides customized solutions based on customer demand. These solutions are based on the specifications provided, demonstrating the company's attention to customer needs.  Riello UPS maintains direct control over quality and reliability standards, closely following the entire manufacturing process, sales and aftersales service, and provide a process of continuous improvement, monitoring customers' perspective and using feedback to make rapid adjustments. This process of continuous improvement, as well as having a direct effect and benefit on sales and after-sales service, helps to further consolidate Riello UPS 's image as a reliable, dynamic and quality-oriented company. The solid results achieved by Riello UPS in the development of UPS solutions equipped with completely innovative and cutting-edge technologies such as the PowerBox, SuperCaps UPS , and Smart Grid Ready UPS, i.e. ready for intelligent power distribution grids which represent the future of energy supply, are the best demonstration that innovation and quality really are the secrets of Riello UPS’ success.


Riello UPS’ purpose is to supply global solutions that guarantees uninterruptible quality power; through R&D investments and the manufacture of robust and efficient products. Riello UPS provides value add in the form of Power Quality – its extensive product range guarantees that the company has an energy solution for any critical application.
Power Quality can be defined using two parameters:

  • Continuity - guaranteeing a stable and secure supply of power
  • Quality - stability with regards to frequency, voltage, waveform, efficiency

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