February 16, 2023
Riello UPS becomes a member of IDA, the Italian Data Center Association
The Italian UPS leader joins other major players in the sector to promote the development of the national data center industry

Riello UPS, a brand of the Riello Elettronica group, a world player in the production of uninterruptible power supplies and photovoltaic inverters, announces its entry into IDA - Italian DataCenter Association, the first Italian association that brings together manufacturers and operators of Data Centers in Italy.

Strengthened by the experience and know-how gained in the field of efficiency and protection of Data Centers around the world, Riello UPS now contribute to achieving the objectives of the association.

Established with the aim of uniting the most important companies in the sector, the IDA aims to put in place all the necessary efforts to contribute to making Italy an ideal location for Data Centers,not just in Europe but also on a global level.

The project is part of a series of activities and initiatives that look at the growth of the culture and the market of Data Centers in Italy.

For years, Riello UPS has been carrying out projects related to Data Centers with conviction and commitment, often working personally to inspire, create and support events and initiatives in this area, such as for example the Site Preparation Forum, and to encourage the creation and development of networks of operators with complementary skills and know-how in the sector.

“Italy is in fourth place in Europe in terms of importance of Data Centers with a total installed power of 300 MW and a turnover of around 3 billion euros. – declare Salvatore Moria, Sales Director for Italy, and Antonio Coccia VP Business Development Data Center Solutions – This makes us understand how Data Centers are at the basis of the digital economy and how it is essential to promote their development throughout the territory through a virtuous approach that have as future objectives the development of professionalism, energy efficiency and eco-sustainability” conclude Moria and Coccia.